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Unique Boutique Shopping

Unique Gifts~Women's Fashion~Home Decor

We are located at:

485 Olde Waterford Way, Suite 100-103

Leland, NC 28451

Store Hours:

Monday thru Saturday 10-5

Closed on Sundays

Come shop our new location in the

Waterford Shopping Center



Sandalwood Shoppes introduces the “market-place retailer” concept to Leland

 Sandalwood Shoppes is a unique, one-stop shopping destination for customers in Leland and the surrounding areas. This “marketplace or co-op” concept is designed to bring an exciting mix of local artists, artisans and retailers together to sell their products under one roof in the new Waterford Shopping Center. This innovative retail approach allows customers to shop for a variety of items, from clothing to gifts to home décor, in one convenient place, all while supporting the local small business community.
With over 40 individual retail spaces to rent, Sandalwood Shoppes offers an affordable option for new business owners, a great satellite location for established retailers, a physical presence for online retailers and a wonderful way for our local artists and artisans to share their talents.

The marketplace concept allows business owners to focus on their business, while Sandalwood Shoppes takes on all the overhead responsibilities, including rent, staffing, credit card fees, advertising and marketing. Sandalwood Shoppes’ retailers will gain more than just a physical storefront, they’ll gain the support and expertise of a savvy retail professional, Joan Pacifico with 25+ years experience; someone who is passionate about the industry, region and, most importantly, the success of the entrepreneur.


Sandalwood Shoppes is currently taking applications for space rentals. 


One-Stop Shopping

Sandalwood Shoppes—home to 42 vendors—provides Leland shoppers with rare opportunity.


Experienced shoppers know this: finding a must-have tchotchke, decorative item, or that special something for that special someone requires time, patience and often trips to multiple stores. But here in Leland across from the New Day Café on Olde Waterford Way, there is a viable alternative: Sandalwood Shoppes, Leland’s first and only marketplace retailer.

“As a marketplace retailer, we offer an array of merchandise from different retail business owners—42 to be exact,” said Joan Pacifico, owner. “We like to say that we offer the best and most unique shopping experience south of the bridge.”

Indeed. Inside The 4000-sq.-ft. shop one will find unusual gifts, small and large art, high-end home décor items, unique clothing and sleepwear, and gourmet take-home foods. The vendors, all of whom pay a rental fee and commission on sales are carefully chosen by Pacifico, who first opened Sandalwood Shoppes in Harrington Square in January 2019 before relocating to the Waterford location in April 2021, recognizing that the rapidly growing Leland community was, and is, in need of retail options.

Since relocating her business here, the Hampstead resident says she’s benefited from the support shown by the local business community. “We really support each other, recognizing that working together is how be build a strong community.”

For her part, Pacifico has built a strong business. So much so that she now has a vendor waitlist. “As spaces open, I consider candidates and whether what they’re selling will be a good fit within our store.” After more than 35 years as a retail professional for entities such as Circuit City, Macy’s, and Target, the Illinois native and New Jersey transplant says she enjoys all that comes with the “juggling act” of being a store owner. “I am always thinking of what we can do to get better,” said Pacifico, who looks forward to adding a second Sandalwood location in 2024.

What Pacifico enjoys most is customer engagement. “That’s what I love most about my workday. Our customers help guide our merchandising efforts. For example, I’ve learned from listening to my customers that they appreciate large art, non-sheer leggings and pickleball-themed items, to name just a few. This interaction with customers is what I love most about retail.”  

The same holds true for the Sandalwood staff of four, Pacifico said. “Like me, our staff loves interacting with our customers. Our customers love that about our staff, so much so that many stop in on a regular basis just say hi and see how we’re doing.” 

So, this holiday season, check out the unique wares by 42 vendors all under one roof, and say hi to Pacifico and her staff. You will find them at 485 Olde Waterford Way, Monday through Wednesday from 10 to 5, Thursdays 10am – 7pm, Fridays and Saturdays 10-5  and on Sundays, from 11 to 4. 


Ready to expand your business?

Sandalwood Shoppes will be a unique, one-stop-shopping destination managed and owed by Joan Pacifico, a retail professional with 25+ years of experience in all facets of the business.  Located in the fastest growing town in North Carolina,  Sandalwood Shoppes is designed to bring an exciting mix of local artists, artisans and retailers together to sell their products under one roof.   Sandalwood Shoppes  offers over 40 individual retail spaces for rent in the 3700 square foot location in Waterford Shopping Center, Leland, North Carolina.
We are currently seeking  a mix of new/established retail business owners.  This business opportunity offers an affordable option for  new or established businesses, a store-front for online retailers and a place for artist/artisans to showcase their products.

Business Owner


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